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Yankee Candle Small 7oz Tumbler Candle Cappucino Truffle 35-45 Hour Burn Time

1 x small tumbler candle
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Christmas 1969.

Sixteen-year-old Mike Kittredge, too broke to buy his mother a present, melted some crayons to make her a candle.

A neighbor saw it and convinced Mike to sell the candle to her.

With that small stake, he bought enough wax to make two candles—one for his mom, and another to sell.

That was the birth of Yankee Candle.

These small candle tumblers are good picks for sampling fragrances.

Although small in size, trust us—the fragrance is still big, and the burn time is generous (25-30 hours).

Each small tumbler candle is made in America with premium-grade paraffin and the finest quality ingredients from around the world.

Fun fact—each wick is straightened by hand to ensure the very best quality burn.

Who knew? The brushed metal lid and modern shape keeps it on trend.

A single wick does the trick in distributing the premium fragrance.

BUNDLE UP - A clean wintry scent that brings back frosty days and cozy warm clothing.

A touch of citrus adds the crispness of cool powdered snow to layers of fresh linen.

Fragrance Notes: Top: Fresh Linen, Lemon Mid: Star Jasmine Base: Amber, Cashmere Woods Top note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the main body of the scent and base is its final impression.

1 x small tumbler candle
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