For many people, turning to a reed diffuser is the most helpful and effective way to “cleanse” a property and give it a much cleaner, more comfortable scent. From lavender to eucalyptus, plenty of scents exist that you can use to populate your property with some absolutely outstanding smells.

However, not everyone is comfortable and clear with how to make the most of fragrances using a diffuser. If you own a reed diffuser and are still trying to work out how to best use the device, then this guide should help you make use of it starting today.

What’s the Purpose?

Basically, you would use a reed diffuser if you want a way to give your home awesome fragrances without having to turn to fire to do so. Reed diffusers, changing it up from candle-based diffusers, use absolutely no heat sources to release the aroma. This makes them suitable for homes with small children roaming around as well as classrooms, for example.

How Do Reed Diffusers Operate?

The operation could not be any easier – you merely wick in a scented diffuser oil from inside the bottle itself. Then, it’s carried out via the top of the reeds and released into the air. Typically contained in a glass décor, too, this can be a good way to add a bit of style to a room without going too far.

However, like anything else that releases aromas, there are other ways to enhance the capacity of the reed itself. Here are some useful suggestions for getting the most out of that reed diffuser of yours;

Make sure that you go for substance over style. Some reed diffusers look beautiful but carry nothing like the actual power they should. To avoid this problem then you should turn to a diffuser that has the correct proportions. Typically, the reed should come out from the diffuser as much as the height again of the diffuser itself.
Put the reed diffuser in the right place. It should be offering a good vantage point in the room that allows circulation. A good way to do this is to try and avoid getting it caught up with an A/C system, for example, as this will just pull all of the fragrance into the sky.
If you are using rattan reeds, then you can spin them around to get the freshet scent coming through. The sides can use a nice little bit of space to let the air escape from.
Try and change the level of scent that you use as much as what kind of scent; this usually causes a lot of positive change in the air with even a slight adjustment. Also, make sure that you change the reeds on a regular basis – saturation causes them to clog up a little and lose their effectiveness.
All in all, using a reed diffuser is really easy; the majority are self-explanatory. Using the tips above, though, you make sure that the reed diffusers work at their very best and give the optimum output.